Level Up Your Skills With Udemy’s Epic ‘Love to Learn’ Sale


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Back-to-school season isn’t just for kids anymore.

If you thought your school days were long behind you, now is the perfect time to reconsider. Maybe you’ve had the nagging feeling that you should learn more about investing. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar.

Whatever sparks your love of learning, Udemy exists to feed that flame inside of you that has never lost the desire to learn more about anything and everything.

And here’s some good news: Udemy happens to be hosting one of their most epic sales of the year right now.

The Love to Learn Sale is back in action to help you level up your career credentials or simply learn a new skill for business or pleasure. You can score big savings sitewide with courses starting at just $9.99.

And, don’t forget that you can stack your savings even more with 8% cash back through RetailMeNot!

Udemy Can Help You Learn Anything From Anywhere

Pronounced “you-demy” because it’s basically an academy that you design for yourself, Udemy boasts over 40 million students globally and more than 155,000 best-in-class courses in over 65 languages.

Thanks to their vast selection of courses covering just about any topic you can imagine, it’s no wonder they’re the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning.

From programming, marketing and data science to photography, meditation and self-development, there’s a Udemy course for everyone. And they’re all taught by industry experts and professionals who can really give you the insider’s view of each topic.

The best thing about Udemy courses is that they’re flexible to fit your busy schedule. They’re incredibly convenient to take at your own pace in the comfort of your home, your favorite café or anywhere there’s a WiFi connection, for that matter. And not only is their convenience unparalleled, but they deliver quality material to further your education or fuel your hobbies at a price that’s impressively affordable (even when there isn’t an awesome sale going on).

They’ve also recently unveiled a fresh new look that makes it even more enjoyable than ever to use their platform and connect with Udemy instructors worldwide.

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The Best Udemy Courses to Save on Right Now

Depending on the topic and how in-depth you’d like to go, some courses are just about an hour long while others feature a more comprehensive set of digital lectures for you to unpack over time. Either way, each and every course listing shows its rating and the number of students enrolled so you can get a better idea of what would be a good fit before you commit.

Ready to impress your boss with stellar spreadsheets? Take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level with Excel from Beginner to Advanced or Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions.

Thinking about becoming a web developer or programmer? The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp, Java Programming Masterclass, From Zero to Hero in Python or The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021 would all be fantastic choices to kickoff your skills.

Creative types can dive into the Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners.

Or, if you’ve worked to bring alignment and fulfillment to your life and you’d like to learn how to help others do the same with a life coaching business of your own, this accredited Spiritual Coach Certification would be a great place to learn the ropes.

You can save on any Udemy courses during this sitewide sale, so are you ready to prove that you Love to Learn?

Check out Udemy’s full course listing to expand your knowledge—without expanding your budget—before these awesome savings disappear!

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