What Happens When the Audi Q4 e-tron Hits Zero Range?


The Audi Q4 e-tron lacks the sorts of range you’ll find in most Teslas. However, it does have a decent range, one that Joe Achilles recently put to the test in his latest video. During his test of the Q4 e-tron, Achilles decided to push the limits of the car’s range by charging it up fully and then just driving it until zero.


At the start of the journey, the Audi Q4 e-tron claimed it had 220-ish miles of range, which is quite a bit lower than its claimed range. However, Achilles felt that it could probably do more, so he set off to see if it could.


What’s good about this test was the fact that Achilles drove the car quite normally. Rather than hypermiling it, trying to eek out every last drop of range, he just drove it as a normal person would, through the sorts of roads and traffic that normal people experience. There was even a stretch in which he hustled the car a bit, through some twisty bends, in an effort to judge its handling performance.

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The Audi Q4 e-tron isn’t exactly and exciting machine. Its handling is relatively capable but its steering is numb and the whole car insulates you from the experience. Though, that’s sort of the point. It’s designed as a comfortable, quiet, spacious, and electric people hauler. In that regard, it works very well. We’re with Achilles on the rear drum brakes, though — inexcusable on a car as expensive as the Q4.


So how far was Achilles actually able to go on one battery? Surprisingly, he was able to get quite a bit further than its initial claimed range. He even averaged around 3.4 miles per kWh, which is pretty good. It’s not as good as most Teslas, which get over 4 miles/kWh, but it’s better than average. Watch the video to see just how far he was able to go and what he felt about the car overall.


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