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Looking for Hydro Flask sales?! Check out our favorite back-to-school must-haves!

Head back to school with Hydro Flask

Wow! I can’t believe everyone is heading back to school already & all of us are gearing up for new morning routines. Speaking of routine… the first thing that comes to my mind is hot coffee, packing school lunches, and staying hydrated all day.

I can think of no better place to get geared up than with some awesome Hydro Flask products so I’m sharing 5 of my ABSOLUTE favorite buys that will last all school year long …and the school years to follow!

Even sweeter, you can score free shipping when you use promo code HIP4SCHOOL at checkout, otherwise, shipping is free on orders of $30 or more.

green and blue lunchbox stacked on top of each other

Whether at nighttime or rushing first thing in the morning, a healthy, packed lunch is always first on my mind before my kiddos head off to school. I was equally as stoked as my boys when we discovered the fun Hydro Flask kid’s lunch boxes!

To our surprise, the new colors even perfectly matched the water bottles both my boys had already picked out a month prior! ? Talk about perfect! ??

boy holding blue hydro flask sale lunchbox

Now, I know these are pricey for a kid’s lunch box but hear me out, friends. These things are the REAL DEAL and holy moly, they might literally last forever!

Best of all, they even come with a 5-year warrantycan you even say the same about the lunchboxes you own now? ?

Take advantage of Hydro Flask sales on select colors right now!

blue and green hydro flask sale lunchboxes and water bottles on wood table

I’m no newbie to Hydro Flask’s amazing quality. I’ve been using my favorite white Hydro Flask water bottle almost every day for the past two years so I most definitely see the value in spending a little extra for something that’s truly built for daily use, rough kids, and well… life. 

Naturally, their kid’s lunchboxes are everything I hoped they’d be! ??

green and blue hydro flask sale kids lunchboxes sitting on wood table

Durable & well made…dare I say, the quality of these kid’s lunchboxes is just as good as my Yeti soft cooler. ? The exterior is super hard & durable to be shoved in their backpacks, keep food from being squished, & withstand whatever shenanigans happen in the lunch line at school. ?

The inside has ample room for plenty of food (yes, even for teens) and is seamless to wipe clean too so no more worrying about yucky yogurt spills. Plus, the thick strap inside is perfect for utensils, ice packs, coolers, and/or sweet love notes. ?

kid hand pulling spoon out of lunchbox strap

I was also so impressed with how easy and functional the zipper is. ?? The easy-grip pull handle is also another nice touch I feel like you just don’t get with cheap-o brands.

Nice job, Hydro Flask. ?? 

And can we talk about the awesome double insulation?!

open kids lunchbox with no food inside

It should come as no surprise, these lunchboxes are crafted to keep food cold or hot (just like when I tested their water bottle performance). We’ve been giving these lunchboxes a run for their money on the hottest summer days, roasting all day at the pool and they do an outstanding job of keeping everything nice and cold regardless of how hot it has been.

It’s also great peace of mind when they head off to school this year, they won’t be eating lukewarm ham and cheese sandwiches. ?

kids sitting in car holding up colorful hydro flask sale lunchboxes

After owning two of these kid’s lunchboxes and seriously loving them over all the lunchboxes I’ve ever purchased, I can’t imagine sending my kiddos to school this year with anything else!

two kids hydro flask water bottles with tags sitting on table

While the Hydro Flask sale isn’t happening for these matching bottles, they’re the only thing that has me more excited than the Hydro Flask kid’s lunchboxes! They’re 12 ounces, so it’s the perfect size for kiddos of any age, yet easy enough for even kindergarteners to open & close. They’re also slip-resistant with their thoughtful fitted silicone boot, (which conveniently matches the inside of the lunchboxes too)! ?

If you already know how outstanding their stainless steel insulated bottles perform, you’ll know exactly the high quality you can expect for these minis. ??

hand holding blue water bottle from lunchbox

Did I also mention they fit PERFECTLY in their kid’s lunch boxes?!

Even better, there’s an edge built into the design of the lunchbox interior so no more drinks rolling around and squishing your kiddo’s sandwich. AMAZING! There truly couldn’t be a more perfect companion for all your little one’s school adventures.

boy holding blue hydro flask sale water bottle to mouth

Check out this deal you can score on a new kid’s lunchbox & water bottle:

3. I’ll be taking my Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug every day to the school drop-off line.

hand holding hydro flask sale travel coffee mug in car

Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug 

This is truly any school drop-off parent’s best friend! Without fail, I’m always running out the door to take my kiddos to school with one too many things in my hands…forgotten bookbags or water bottles, keys, my purse, the neighbor’s kid…okay, I’m kidding on that last one. ?

But in all seriousness, this coffee mug is a total life-saver with its easy-to-carry handle and airtight lid so I’m never worried about splashing my hot coffee or spilling it all over myself.

woman holding travel coffee mug drinking from lid

Prior to getting this new 16 oz. Travel Coffee Mug, I was lugging around a huge coffee mug that was just way too big for my hands, but this Hydro Flask mug is perfectly compact and keeps my morning coffee warm until the very last sip!

There’s honestly not a single thing I would change about it and it comes apart and washes easily in the dishwasher. Whether it’s a coffee day or a hot tea day, this Hydro Flask will be my morning go-to forever!

4. The Hydro Flask 16 oz. Tumbler is perfect if you’re an all-day iced coffee drinker. 

woman holding a yellow hydro flask coffee tumbler

If you enjoy your coffee out of a more traditional vessel, Hydro Flask of course has a more simplistic travel mug with a press-in lid – perfect for drinking without having to open the lid!

Just like all their other highly-rated cups and bottles, this tumbler is dishwasher safe and will also keep all your morning brews hot for a whopping 24 hours (in case you’re not in it for the iced latte). ?

hand holding a yellow cup with black straw lid

As I already mentioned, this mug is also ideal for all your favorite ice drinks, so when you’re having a chill moment, you can upgrade this tumbler with their beautifully designed straw lid – perfect for your delicious iced coffee and it’ll stay chill all day long…. just like you on a Friday evening after work. ?

This thing is so heavy-duty, you could even sip your favorite smoothies out of it! Yum!

Grab this deal on their tumbler & straw lid:

5. Our entire family will be staying hydrated with their wide-mouth water bottles all year long.

boy holding blue water bottle and lunchbox outside in front of car

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottles

I was lucky enough to get their full-sized water bottle last year when they improved their design and I can say without a doubt their products hold up incredibly well. There was absolutely no question I’d be getting my kiddos the same tried and true brand I love so much!

Plus, with COVID still on everyone’s minds, sending my kids to school with plenty of water to sip all day is super important and even more so since water fountains are typically out of commission in public places these days.

green and blue hydro flask water bottle on table with lunchboxes

Funny enough, we’ve had all our water bottles since the beginning of summer. We’ve trucked them around camping, to the pool, numerous hiking trips, paddleboarding, and so much more. The fact they still look completely brand new is a true testament to Hydro Flask’s outstanding quality. ?

Even better, they’ve paid for themselves with not having to buy drinks while we’re out and about.

If you want a reusable cup that will actually last, Hydro Flask is your answer!

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