11 Spooky (but Stylish!) Picks from Target’s 2021 Halloween Collection


If your Halloween style is less ghoulishly scary, dark-side décor and more stylishly festive and fall-focused, Target has a vast assortment of stupendous Halloween-themed home decorations to feed your holiday spirit. 

Sure, there are plenty of inflatable monsters, spider webs, bloody vampires, frightening  ghouls and gnarled witches to be found in Target’s 2021 Halloween Collection. But for those who want to come along with us on the fun, festive fall train, we think you’ll find our picks from their 2021 Halloween Collection to be quite smart and stylish. While some are traditional classics, we couldn’t resist tossing in a few whimsical picks as well.   

If you don’t want to go the stylishly subtle route, we’ve also rounded up our favorite giant Halloween decorations as well.

Target Decorations for a Stylish—and Slightly Spooky—Halloween Home

Halloween is a month-long event for some of us and incorporating tasteful and or whimsical items throughout the house begins long before Oct. 31. Check out our 11 top picks from Target for instantly getting into the holiday spirit. 

1. Harvest Round Chipwood Pumpkin Lantern – $15

Image: Target.com

We picture the adorable Harvest Round Chipwood Pumpkin Lantern on end tables in the living room or even a cluster of three on the dining room table, creating a fall-themed, inexpensive centerpiece. Each Pumpkin Lantern from Hyde & EEK! Boutique is 8-inches in diameter and 7.5-inches high. It comes with the faux candle and lithium battery, so unlike that real pumpkin that’s going to require a surgeon’s precision to turn into a Jack O’ Lantern, this lovely décor piece shows up ready to light up your fall nights—no carving required. 

2. Skeleton Halloween Terry Kitchen Towels – $5

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Image: Target.com

At just $5 for a pack of two, we are planning on loading up on the cornucopia of adorable Halloween kitchen towels available from the Hyde & EEK! Boutique at Target. But these Skeleton Halloween Terry Kitchen Towels will be the first ones in our cart. Soft and absorbent, 26 inches long and 16 inches wide, they aren’t just for decoration. Use them to wipe up spills, blood (just kidding), or the drop of pumpkin spice latte lingering on your chin. If these black towels with skulls and dancing skeletons don’t set just the right mood for your kitchen, don’t shriek. Target has you covered with an extensive variety of Halloween-themed terry kitchen towels. So, head on over and peek at Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique.

3. C&F Home Jack O’ Lantern Check Pillow – $28.05

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Image: Target.com

Only one thing can take a black and white, buffalo check, patterned pillow to the next level and that would be an adorable, tufted grinning pumpkin. The C&F Home Jack O’ Lantern Check Pillow absolutely exudes autumn coziness. The 12-by-12-inch square pillow would look positively perfect perched in the corner of the sofa, next to a warm fire, ready to snuggle in for late-night Halloween tales and spooky ghost stories. 

4. Treat Boutique Candy Shop Cat Condo – $13

Image: Target.com

If your cat gets attached to this clever, double-level cat condo with corrugated scratch pad floor and refuses to give up his new favorite haunt long after the trick-or-treaters have departed, don’t be surprised. At 29 inches high and 23.5 inches long, and with two private coves, this Treat Boutique Candy Shop Cat Condo by Hyde & EEK! Boutique is perfect for hiding, lounging and stalking, especially for multi-cat families. Long after Halloween is over, Tiger may not willingly vacate his Candy Shop Condo. Consider this fair warning. 

5. Check Pumpkin Pocket Apron – $32.99

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Yep! We’ve got the feels for buffalo check print this fall season. No doubt about it. And this black and orange Buffalo Check, Pumpkin Pocket Apron from Elrene Home Fashions at Target will be in regular rotation as we whip up our magical witch’s brew. The apron is that perfect blend of rustic, whimsical and stylish. Made of 100% premium cotton, with an adjustable D-ring loop neck strap, the large pumpkin pocket gives it not just its special character, but also a sweet spot to stash your secret potions. The Check Pumpkin Pocket Apron is 24 inches wide and 32 inches long, and the front pumpkin pocket is 9-by-10-inches. Need we say more?

6. Harvest Pumpkin Bronze Napkin Rings – $18.99

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Showcase these beautiful Harvest Pumpkin Bronze Napkin Rings  all season long. Packaged as a set of six, these napkin rings measure 2.5 inches in diameter and will turn an ordinary napkin into a lovely fall, tabletop decoration. Napkin rings are also terrific DIY décor items. Use them in centerpieces, slide them around candles or loop them onto a string of decorative lights. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Enjoy these Harvest Pumpkin Napkin Rings throughout the fall season.  

7. Lace Halloween Tablecloth – $10

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A cobweb tablecloth may seem a bit creepy to some, but take a look at this Lace Halloween Tablecloth from the Hyde & EEK! Boutique and see if you don’t agree—it’s actually quite classy. The lightweight, lace fabric would make a beautiful overlay when placed on a standard, white tablecloth. Overlay it onto an orange, or orange and black check cloth to lend a more Halloween vibe to your table. It’s 100% polyester, measures 60-by-84-inches and fits rectangular tables from 36-by-60-inches to 48-by-72-inches. It’s a versatile décor item that can easily be hung in a doorway or draped across the corner of a mirror if you want to ramp up your home’s spooky factor a bit.

8. Boo Coir Renewable Coconut Fiber Halloween Doormat – $27.50

Image: Target.com

How fun to go off-script with this black, red and white Boo Coir Halloween Doormat. If you want to sprinkle in just a dash of Halloween spirit without going overboard, hold off on the black and orange for a spell, and place this outside your front, garage, laundry or patio door to let your guests know good cheer awaits just inside. The coir—a natural, renewable material which comes from coconut husks—is eco-friendly and super durable. The Boo Coir Doormat measures 30-by-18-inches and works well both outdoors and indoors.  

9. Medium Cat Halloween Candy Bowl – $5

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Image: Target.com

If you love both cats and Halloween, this Medium Cat Halloween Candy Bowl from Hyde & EEK! Boutique could find a permanent place on your counter. Measuring 9-by-11-by-11-inches, imagine this versatile bowl—hanging around, surveying the scene and dolling out treats on the regular. Although some think black cats with yellow eyes can be a little spooky, this charmer has the sweetest nose and smile. And we’re pretty sure he’s more interested in treats than tricks.

10. Halloween On The Rocks Drink Glasses – $20.49

Image: Target.com

If you had doubts that stylish and Halloween could co-exist, these superfly Halloween On The Rocks Drink Glasses from Cathy’s Concepts at Target will erase them entirely. The set of four glasses are 3.5 inches high, hold 10.5 ounces and have a weighted bottom. They are custom engraved with tongue-in-cheek, words of caution (our favorite is “beware”). These square-shaped rocks glasses are hand-blown, dishwasher safe and will likely keep your guests on their toes all year long.  

11. Lighted, Faux Fall Foliage Halloween Wreath with Miniature Pumpkins – $28.98

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If 2021 is giving you the vintage feels, take a look at this Lighted, Faux Fall Foliage Halloween Wreath with Miniature Pumpkins from The Lakeside Collection at Target. Orange twinkle lights are sprinkled throughout. It has a wooden sign that says, “Happy Halloween” and includes adorable, baby pumpkins. The wreath measures 20-by-16-inches and will look festive and welcoming hanging on the front door or fireplace mantel. Made of rattan, polyester, foam, plastic and wood, the lights will require three “AAA” batteries.

Whether you’re shopping for Halloween or doing your grocery shopping (or both!), here’s how to save the most at Target.

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