A Peek Into Last Week


We decided on a whim to go to the county fair last Monday night. They were offering free entrance when you brought 4 donation items per person to give to the local shelter.

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We brought our good friend, Zeke, with us.

IMG 2826

Of course, they wanted to go on the spinny rides like this! I was happy to hold their wallets and phones and watch!

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Silas did want to go on the Ferris Wheel with me. I’m not a fan of rides that are brought in on trucks and set up, but when your 12-year-old asks you to ride on the Ferris Wheel with him, you say yes!

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We came back from the fair to this. It was the sweetest!

IMG 2875 2

We got our room painted!

IMG 2909

He’s starting to sit up more and more! He still needs lots of help with it, but he’s making slow and steady progress!

IMG 2922

All the therapy is really making a difference!

IMG 2930

We also started back to youth group at church this past week! We’ve missed it! (Jesse and I both help lead a small group.)

IMG 2999
IMG 3002
IMG 3011
IMG 3012
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Screen Shot 2021 08 17 at 2.41.08 PM

You’ll never guess what happened last week!

We took Silas, Kierstyn, and Baby D to a new-to-us coffee shop and, after we had placed our order, the woman behind us in line asked us a question about Baby D. Come to find out, she has a 10-year-old daughter who has Down Syndrome and cleft lip/palate, too!!! It was our first time to ever meet someone who has a child with both! (It’s very rare to have all three.)

I can’t even begin to express what a gift and encouragement it was to talk to someone who has traveled this road before and who was such a wealth of wisdom! Also — she’s local and we exchanged contact info!!

Here’s the crazy thing: we almost didn’t go the coffee shop that night. We had planned to leave much earlier but then some things came up and I said in a sort of frustrated manner, “Let’s just forget our coffee date idea!” Jesse was like, “No, I really want to still to go!”

The woman told us at the end of our conversation that she wasn’t supposed to be there at that time, either. But God orchestrated things coming up at home so we were running an hour later than planned and this woman stopping by when she did so that we could both be at that coffee shop during the same 10-minute window!

It was such a reminder to me that God is in the details and I can trust Him with the big and small things in my life. And that sometimes what seems like a frustrating delay or interruption could be God’s hand at work to allow a Divine appointment!

Also, look at what the barista wrote on my coffee cup: God has got you!

Today — in the hard and in the good, in the unexpected and mundane, in the interruptions and the waiting, in the change of plans, in the things that could feel frustrating — remember this: God has got you!

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