Last Week’s $70 Grocery Purchases


I shared this on Instagram stories last week and people loved it. It’s a real scribbled down grocery list — just like I usually use. It’s not pretty or inspirational or color-coded or fancy, but it gets the job done and it works for me.

Sometimes, I think we try to over-complicate things or feel like we need to be menu-planning or grocery shopping or writing grocery lists like other people. If a beautifully-written list or a fancy spreadsheet or cool printable grocery list is your thing, go for it! But know that it’s also okay to keep it super simple and maybe a little sloppy — if it works for you!

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I was excited to find marked down avocados and chicken this past week! I love having half an avocado on my salad every day. And, if you didn’t know: if you stick avocados in the fridge, it almost completely stops their ripening so that they last for much longer!

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IMG 2806
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Our county fair had Get In Free Night if you bought 4 donation items per person to donate to a local shelter. I looked at their urgent needs list and was so excited that I had those items on hand that I had gotten on great sales paired with coupons! So we got 5 of us into the fair for free!

IMG 2857

We used the Oat Silk in place of milk to make French Toast last week with the Everything Bread. It turned out so yummy!

IMG 2882 2

I loved the Chopped salad that I got marked down. It was a new-to-me version and it was yummy! I ate it for lunch one day last week.

IMG 2888 1

Our usual Kroger was completely sold out of the Snack Saks when I went shopping… which Silas was very disappointed about because he had been excited they were on sale.

IMG 2889 1

But, we went to another Kroger store in a different part of town and they still had quite a few in stock. Plus, they had the Purex laundry soap, too,

IMG 2900

The laundry soap was on sale Buy One, Get One Free — making them just $2.14 each.

IMG 3026
IMG 3027
IMG 3028

This girl is so expressive and constantly brings such smiles to our faces and laughter to our home!

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