FC Bayern Players Receive New E-Tron GT And RS E-Tron GT


Bayern Munich players got to experience their new company cars on the race track, with the help of Formula E champions.

Audi and Soccer

Audi has a history of sponsoring and supporting the best of the best of Europe’s soccer teams and top-notch players. Having world-class players show up in style in the latest Audi models serves all parties. For the auto manufacturer, it’s a great opportunity to create brand association between Audi’s high-end products and the aspirational nature of being a superstar athlete. For the players, it helps to grow their personal brands. And it never hurts to get a free Audi as a perk of the job!

Excitement All Around

Excitement about the partnership was shared by the top executive at Audi Henrik Wenders. “When imagination and passion come together, great achievements are the result. This equally applies to our partner FC Bayern as it does to Audi,” he remarked. “The Audi e-tron GT and Audi RS e-tron GT are the epitomai of intelligent performance. These models are already shaping the future of the Audi brand. So it makes perfect sense that these brand ambassadors would join forces with FC Bayern’s brand ambassadors to show how both brands are committed to progress together.”

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