Where to Find the Cutest Graphic Tees for Cheap


From custom T-shirt print shops to concert and vacation novelties, graphic tees have long been a staple in most of our closets. These days, graphic tees have been given a makeover and can be found in a variety of styles, genres and of course, price points. The beauty of a graphic tee is that it has (and should remain) a relatively inexpensive way of adding a touch of your personality to an outfit. A walking conversation piece, graphic tees can dress up or dress down any outfit — and vibe for that matter.

While you can certainly spend a pretty penny on a graphic tee, there’s really no need to. Here are some of our favorite graphic tees and places to shop cute cheap graphic T-shirts without putting in more thought (or money) than necessary for a fun fit.

Music Graphic Tees

Ah, the concert tee. For a sentimental heart and music junkie like myself, my graphic tee obsession has a solid foundation of artist and festival tees. Unfortunately, my upwards trend of collecting concert tees rose hand-in-hand with a startling jump in price paid for said shirts. While I will still stand in a long merch line, there are a ton of other less expensive options to rep a favorite artist or band.

The Beatles Distressed Circle Graphic Tee – $15

Walmart is not to be overlooked, savvy shoppers. A featured Walmart brand scoop continues to wow me with on-trend pieces with many less than $20, like this Beatles graphic tee. The Fab Four just so happen to be my favorite band and while it’s not hard to get your hands on the heavily commercialized merch, this combination of cute and affordable is hard to beat.

Britney Spears Graphic Tee – $22.99


If you’re looking for a particular graphic tee style or trend, Forever 21 more than likely has you covered. The trendy retailer has a variety of lengths, washes and genres to choose from. As a ’90s baby, I couldn’t resist this classic Britney Spears graphic tee.

Bob Marley Oversized Graphic Tee – $19.99


Target never fails and this colorful Bob Marley graphic tee is an example of that. Its oversized, relaxed fit makes it the perfect length to pair with biker shorts or leggings. I love this mix of bright, fun colors for a sporty-chic summer fit.

Cropped Relaxed Kiss Band Tee – $29


Abercrombie and Fitch has undergone something of a reinvention and with that a whole lineup of sans-moose graphic tees. This cropped Kiss band shirt features a weathered, vintage look and relaxed fit. For a laid-back touch to any outfit, dress it up with a skirt or tied up over a dress — or pair it with a leather statement piece for a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Jefferson Airplane T-Shirt Dress – $39


The T-shirt dress is without a doubt one of my favorite graphic tee looks, and Urban Outfitters has one of the better selections to choose from. To say this Jefferson Airplane dress is anything less than obsession worthy is a crime. I love its groovy Monterey Pop Festival inspiring design that pays homage to the classic rock band– this could pass as real deal concert memorabilia.

Travel and National Parks Graphic Tees

The souvenir shirt is an OG graphic tee and for good reason. Personally, I love a good worn-out graphic tee that reminds me of something my dad or grandfather would have purchased on vacation (nostalgia at its finest). Luckily if you too find yourself wanting to bring a bit of ironic vacation dad vibes to your wardrobe, these graphic tees will help achieve just that.

Alaska Embroidered Graphic Tee – $12


It’s hard to watch any #bamarush TikTok videos without the mention of Shein. From accessories to clothes and shoes you find great pieces for well under $20. I love the embroidered detail on this Alaska graphic tee. It gives me all the vintage souvenir shirt vibes.

Yosemite National Park Graphic Tee – $9.99


National Parks are having a moment when it comes to graphic tee designs and there’s no better way to rep one of America’s most popular parks, Yosemite, than with this cool earth-toned tee — another successful Target find.

Pop Culture Graphic Tees

Make a cultural statement with these pop culture inspired tees. From throwbacks and thrifted looks to powerful messages, these graphic tees are here to show off your personality.

Show More Love Graphic Tee – $8


Spread positivity and a good reminder with this show more love message tee from Target. Target is my usual go-to for good basics (tanks, plain tees, etc) and graphic tees are no different. Pro-tip: If you’re on the hunt for an “oversized” look, try looking at the men’s graphic tees selections.

New York City Tennis Club Graphic Tee – $22.46 (was $29.95)


Vintage sporting club and sports teams shirts are the new trend in graphic tees and American Eagle has plenty to choose from. They look cute paired with athleisure wear and jeans, plus the distressing and vintage wash makes them feel and look as if you were actually there.

Cactus Grid Graphic Tee – $12.99


This cactus graphic tee comes in a variety of cool tones to mix and match with any outfit. Its vintage look and feel gives off a laid back vibe while its cotton-blend fabric will keep you comfortable all day long.

Schitt’s Creek Rose Apothecary Graphic Tee – $12.99


Support Schitt’s Creek’s favorite little general store with this Rose Apothecary graphic tee. Printed on a cotton tee with a vintage look, this design is the perfect way to show your love of binge watching Netflix with a subtle coolness.

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