Noise Air Buds Plus- Designed for perfection


Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the new Noise Air Buds+ are the worthy successor you have been looking for. Topping the immense hype garnered by the Air Buds, the Air Buds+ come with more features than ever before.

Always looking to innovate via smart and meaningful additions, these truly wireless earbuds are well suited for everything between long musical sessions and all-day office calls. Upgrade to Air Buds+ and move a step closer to achieving complete perfection.

Stellar looks

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Moving to a more robust and on-trend design while preserving the premium aesthetics, these earbuds offer a satisfying in-ear experience.

Ideal for prolonged usage, the silicone ear tips ensure that you get all-day comfort at home or on the go. Smart ergonomics account for the clean and no-fall design.

Power in a flash

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Taking convenience to the next level, these USB Type-C enabled wireless earbuds feature InstachargeTM technology to eliminate your daily charging woes. In just 8 minutes of charging you can get up to 80 minutes of runtime with this technology.

Enjoy a total of 20 hours of playback with 4 hours on a single charge.

Next-gen clarity

4 74c224c4 a76d 4d5a 9f54 fb2fb85bd3afServing professional and entertainment needs, these Bluetooth earbuds offer sharp audio through every work call, movie marathon or trending podcast.

Individual microphones on each earbud ensure that you get clear and immersive sound no matter where you are. Fuelled by the 6mm speaker-driver, never miss a beat or a friendly whisper.

Effortless pairing

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Get accustomed to the plug and play lifestyle with Hyper SyncTM technology. Enjoy instant connection to your paired device upon taking the Air Buds+ out of the case.

No need to worry about constant pairing and manual connections; settle in with seamless connectivity 24/7.

Sublime application

Make do with any flimsy buttons and enjoy seamless touch access on the new Air Buds+.

Respond instantly to every incoming call and trigger your voice assistant to conduct quick web searches. Navigate efficiently through your playlist with complete hands-free application.

Workout approved

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Brighten up your workouts by tuning in to your favourite musicians on these IPX4 certified earbuds.

Do not be daunted by splashes and moisture; sweat it out at home or at the gym while grooving to newest hits. The sweat-resistant design ensures that the Air Buds+ are up to any challenge.

Rather than settling for the mundane, switch to the new Air Buds+ today and enter a world of audio perfection.

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