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Target just announced its hottest toys for Christmas 2021.

Target Christmas toys are coming in hot already! ?

Ready or not, Target just announced its hottest toys of 2021 which already has us getting excited for the best time of year! This year’s highly anticipated list features 50 of the most wished-for toys and ranges from budget-friendly picks to Target exclusives you won’t be able to shop for anywhere else this holiday season.

After studying this year’s trendy Bullseye list, we’ve rounded up 10 of the toys we think will be the most sought-after this Christmas.

Here’s a sneak peek of the 10 hottest Target toys for Christmas 2020:

hand holding throw throw avocado game in hand

Already familiar with the wildly popular Throw Throw Burrito game? Then you’re going to love this fun new sequel from Exploding Kittens which can even be played with your burrito game for the most epic game combo ever! You’ll match cards, earn points, and of course, throw avocados at those lucky enough to be playing with you. It’s on like avocado on toast, baby! ??

pop it xl box with round toy on table

Ever since “pop-it” toys hit the scene, kids have been going wild for them! In fact, now they’re out to source the biggest and best pop-its on the market so we know this Target exclusive will be at the top of every kiddo’s wish list! It features a fun tie-dye design and is 3 times bigger than traditional ones so there’s never-ending fun right out of the box!

jurassic world toy on floor in store with target red cart in background

Any dinosaur-loving kiddo is going to love this Target exclusive toy! Inspired by the original Jurassic Park movie we all know and love, this set will come complete with a scary t-rex, a Jurassic Ford toy car, and a mini-figure resembling Tim Murphy, himself!

target monopoly games on store shelf

Looking to add one more game to your closet this Christmas? We may be slightly biased on this pick since the player with the most savings wins! Not only will this be loved by the kids, but parents will love it too! Plus, who could pass up an opportunity to play a game based on their favorite happy place! ?

hand taking lol dolls toy off store shelf

The L.O.L. doll craze hasn’t stopped since it hit the scene and kids can’t get enough of these cute collectible dolls! While there’s likely a chance your kiddo has one too many already, we know they won’t pass up the chance to add a few new dolls to their collection, which is why this family pack couldn’t be more perfect!

Scoop up the D.J. Family in a flashy gold tote or scoop up a pink one complete with the entire Neon Q.T. Family. Both are color-changing and sure to be your kiddo’s favorite dolls yet!

monster truck in box on store shelf

Kids who are always on the move will appreciate this innovative monster truck! It’s the first-ever RC that allows you to perform front and rear wheelies while driving and it comes with an easy-to-use remote that works up to 200 feet away!

osmo genius kids you on store shelf with security alarm lock

Osmo is an award-winning game that keeps your kiddo interactive and learning even when they’re not in school. So whether you’re continuing with virtual school or getting ready for pre-school, this couldn’t be a more perfect educational gift! Plus, it’s practical and will keep them busy, unlike most other toys that end up in the bottom of the toy bin.

kid holding mini brands toy store box

Remember all of those surprise mini brand toys you bought last year? Well, now your kiddo will have the perfect place to put them all! Featuring the first-ever toy store, your little one will have so much fun stocking the shelves and going shopping with the included mini shopping cart. Better yet, if they don’t have any mini brands yet, this set comes with 5 surprises to get their collection started!

kinetic sand toy case with picture on outside

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a blast with the unique and one-of-a-kind Kinetic Sand making it the perfect gift for any kiddo this Christmas! This adorable set comes with 15+ tools to create your very own Sandyland world, 3 bags of sand, and it’s only available at Target so get it before it’s gone!

harry potter lego chess set on counter

Bring LEGOs to life better than ever before with this magical playset! Kids will get a 3-in-1 enjoyment experience with this gift idea if they love building LEGOs, obsess over Harry Potter, and love to be challenged in a match of chess. Celebrating 20 years of magic with LEGO, this one-of-a-kind Harry Potter Christmas toy is only available at Target.

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