Audi Deleted the Fantastic “Led Balloon” Short Film


A couple of weeks ago, Audi launched a short film called “Led Balloon” and it was one of the better car ads we’ve seen in ages. Audi USA pushed the video hard, showing it to the media ahead of its initial launch and hyping it afterward. Rightfully so, too. It was a blast to watch and a rare car ad that made you smile while watching it. It also celebrated the storied history of the brand, by showing off iconic cars from Audi’s past, and featured cameos from both legendary Audi racing drivers and even some modern day influencers. However, for some reason, Audi has since deleted the film from all official media channels.


According to some rumors, it was Audi AG in Germany that didn’t like the short film, as the big wigs in Ingolstadt didn’t appreciate how the product was represented, nor did they understand the message. It’s bewildering why such an innocent and uplifting video about living in the now, appreciating what’s right in front of you; like family and friends; would be so offensive to big wigs in Germany.


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While the rumors are just that — rumors — it’s likely that Audi AG would be the division of the brand to squash the video. Audi of America is who paid for the video, planned it, shot it, and distributed it to journalists. Considering the massive size of the production; shooting in multiple states, featuring legendary Audi racing drivers, borrowing classic cars from Germany, and even getting YouTubers like Doug DeMuro involved; it’s unlikely Audi of America would want to throw that investment away.


However, it’s been scrubbed from Audi’s official channels. You can still watch the video, as some independent YouTubers still have it, but it’s clear Audi doesn’t want anyone to see it.


Which honestly makes no sense to me. The short film genuinely brought a smile to my face and all of my colleagues said the same. It was one of the better automaker short films we’ve seen in ages and certainly one of the most uplifting.


[Source: The Drive]

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