How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?


Hoverboards have been increasing in popularity since they were first released in 2015. Growing interest and demand even made it one of the top selling (and Santa-requested) gifts of that holiday season. In the years that followed, hoverboards became safer and more technologically advanced. Today, you can buy a hoverboard with bluetooth-enabled speakers and an elaborate LED display that can be changed using an app on your smartphone. 

Most models even let you set speed restrictions if young children are using it or you are learning how to operate one for the first time and you are worried you’ll shoot off at top speed in the wrong direction.

“There’s an obvious learning curve of getting used to the gyroscopic steering,” explains Paul Strobel, founder and micro-mobility reviewer at ERideHero. “Finding your balance on a hoverboard can take a while so I highly recommending gearing up — a helmet being the most important safety asset.”

But if you still have questions, we are here with answers to help you get up to speed on everything you need to know to roll with your new hoverboard.

What Is a Hoverboard? 

A hoverboard is a standing platform that’s connected to two wheels. This unique design allows you to “hover” above the ground and zip around town thanks to an electric motor. Hoverboards are designed to sense your motion, so as you shift your body weight, the hoverboard can move or turn for you, all while keeping you standing upright.

But with the growing popularity of hoverboards, the market was soon packed with many different brands and designs all offering something unique. “A few brands like Hover-1, Gyroor, Halo Board and Swagtron seem to have established themselves as market leaders,” explains Strobel. 

Doing your research is important before buying yourself your first hoverboard and we are here to highlight some of the top brands out there today. 

Razor Hovertrax


If the name Razor sounds familiar to you, it might be because you had a Razor scooter growing up. Razor made a name for itself with scooters back then, and today, they are still creating new and fun ways to get around with their own line of hoverboards, named Hovertrax. They have five basic styles of Hovertrax with four priced under $200 ranging between $179 and $199. Their newest model, the Hovertrax 2.0 is priced at $299.

  • Pros: Great way to introduce kids and beginners to hoverboard technology. Very user-friendly and at a fair price.
  • Cons: Battery only lasts about an hour in the Hovertrax 2.0 and runs for even less time in some older models.

Segway Ninebot S

Segway Ninebot S

It’s hard to forget the first time you saw someone on a Segway transporter after it first hit the scene in 2001. You can still see them zipping around tourist destinations today while out-of-towners take in the sights. Considering the technology and design behind the original Segways, it’s no surprise they would start developing hoverboard transportation as well. Segway offers several innovative ways to get around too, including motorized stand-up scooters and even electric go-karts. Segway’s hoverboard model, called the Ninebot S comes in three styles: the kid-friendly Ninebot S Kids (priced around $460), the basic Ninebot S (priced around $570), and the Ninebot S Max with an adjustable waist-high control bar (priced around $1,000).  

  • Pros: The Ninebot S series is meant for all experience levels and features a good battery that can last around 23 miles on a single charge. 
  • Cons: Price is undoubtedly a factor with this brand, and its additional safety measures make it look closer to the old segway models and less like a hoverboard.

Swagtron Hoverboards


When it comes to variety, Swagtron is hard to beat. In addition to electric hoverboards, Swagtron also offers electric scooters, bikes and skateboards. The Swagtron website also offers refurbished (called re-certified) hoverboards that cost only a fraction of a full-priced model. Re-certified models start at $99, while new models start around $120 and can go up from there. The Swagtron website also features a handy search feature that lets you filter their hoverboards based on color, range, top speed and other preferences to help you pinpoint the model that is perfect for you.   

  • Pros: Website offers so many options for all ages and experience levels. There are even models that are built for fun, commuting or off-road exploration. 
  • Cons: Some reviews are critical of the quality of the re-certified models, which should be kept in mind when weighing your pricing options.

Gyroor Hoverboards

Gyroor Hoverboards
Image: / Gyroor

Gyroor knows how to adapt their hoverboards for your specific needs. They offer models that prioritize either speed, transport, or off-roading. Each model is sleek, colorful and some even offer Bluetooth compatibility. Off-road models feature either 6.5-inch wheels ($249) or 8.5-inch wheels ($299) to let you explore uneven terrain. The top-priced racing models can run around $369 and boast a top speed of 12 mph. Gyroor’s most affordable hoverboard costs $199 and is equipped with off-road tires, Bluetooth speakers and is covered in LED lights. 

  • Pros: The larger off-road wheels are some of the largest available on the market. Purchasing through Amazon also means you might find a good sale, and your hoverboard will be backed by a one-year warranty (six-month warranty for the battery) through Gyroor. 
  • Cons: Some users have had trouble getting the app to connect to the hoverboard.

Halo Board Rover X 

Halo Board Rover X

Often cited by many as the best hoverboard, the Halo Rover X has a lot to offer. This hoverboard is built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and features 8.5 inch tires to make off-roading possible. It also has Bluetooth compatibility with your smartphone so you can play music right from your hoverboard, track your speed and check your hoverboard’s remaining battery life. You can also set your hoverboard to three specific modes to match your hoverboard expertise (or lack of expertise, for that matter) with a training mode, normal mode and an advanced mode. The Halo Rover X sells at full price for $997 (but you can usually find a sale, sometimes for even $500 off), and it comes in four colors: black, pink, white and blue.

  • Pros: Customer ratings are almost always five stars and the durable design means that your hoverboard will be built to last.
  • Cons: The price can be very high compared to other hoverboards, even if you can find them on sale. 

Jetson Hoverboards 

Jetson Flash

Jetson offers several different styles of hoverboards so you can find the one that best fits your lifestyle. One of their styles, the Rave priced at $199, features LED lights in the frame, wheels and tires to really light up your hoverboard. This hoverboard is also very sensitive to your movements and can react quickly for fast turns and spins. It is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers so you can always take the party with you. Several different models are available at the Jetson website, and two of their styles can be found on Amazon: the All-Terrain for $149 and the Flash for $190.

  • Pros: LED lights and speakers make riding this hoverboard a lot of fun for kids.
  • Cons: It can take several hours to fully charge the battery, so consider charging it overnight.

Hover-1 Hoverboards

Hover-1 Chrome

Hover-1 offers a wide selection of hoverboard types for all kinds of riders. Because  they offer so many different models and designs, you should be able to easily find one to match your style, plus many of them are available on sale at You can easily compare and contrast prices and features on Amazon to find the right choice for your budget, like the Hover-1 Ultra, that’s priced at $179 and averages 12 miles from a four-hour battery charge.  

  • Pros: Good quality for the price, and the colorful chrome body on certain models really stands out.
  • Cons: Each type of scooter has its own unique weight limits, with some maxing out at 160 pounds, so you will want to double-check the weight limit for the model that you plan on buying.

How Much Should You Spend on a Hoverboard?

It probably won’t surprise you that hoverboards can vary widely in price and these prices can go up and down based on how many extra features are included. Cheaper hoverboards are usually intended for kids and teens and will have substantially lower max weight capacity. A cheap hoverboard that can support an adult’s weight will have had to cut back in another area, meaning the battery probably doesn’t last too long or the motor isn’t as strong.  

“Anything between $150-$500 is a fair price depending on the hardware inside,” says Strobel. “The single most expensive component of a hoverboard is the lithium-ion battery pack. This is usually where you’ll see a big difference between entry-level and high-performance models. Cheap batteries are smaller and with a lower capacity which means you get less range per charge.”

How to Save on a Hoverboard 

The best way to save on a hoverboard is to look out for a good sale. Beyond the big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retailers will feature seasonal (like Summer and Winter) sales or around popular three-day weekend holidays like Presidents Day and Memorial Day. 

Once you have decided which hoverboard to get (or narrowed your list down to one or two) keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website as well as other stores where that specific hoverboard is available. Big retailers like Amazon and Walmart will almost always have a lower price but not all hoverboard brands can be found at the big retailers. It’s best to know which stores sell your preferred brand and check back on their site weekly, especially during a big sale, and hopefully your patience will pay off with a deep discount.

How to Make Your Hoverboard Last 

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that your hoverboard is a technically advanced electronic and you should treat it with care. Unless explicitly advertised as waterproof or water resistant, you should always try to keep your hoverboard dry and out of the mud. 

“Regularly clean your hoverboard thoroughly and don’t ride in wet conditions,” says Strobel. “Not only is it unsafe, the electronic components usually aren’t protected that well against water and dust.” So if you’ve spent the day cruising over wet sand or off-roading after a rainstorm, make sure to clean your hoverboard as best as you can to make sure all that dirt doesn’t clog up the motor or the wheels.

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