These Cheap Amazon Leggings Are Just Like Lululemon


Our whole team is obsessing over these cheap and soft 90 Degree leggings from Amazon!

What woman doesn’t love a great pair of leggings?!

They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and one of our most tried and true go-to pieces of clothing, which is why we’re so excited to share an affordable pair that our whole team has fallen in love with! Legging lovers, unite!

Say hello to these amazing high-waist tummy-control leggings from Amazon:

woman wearing purple leggings with black tank top outside

These power flex, lightweight leggings come in so many different colors — similar to higher-end brands that you probably drool over. Their neutral options are great to go with anything you already have in your wardrobe and their colorful options are muted enough to still keep you looking chic while still making a statement. ?

Heads up – this post is not sponsored. If you’ve been following Hip2Save for a while, you probably know we love leggings, and this happens to be one of our team’s favorite pairs!

woman waring high-waisted black leggings

Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also designed to LAST! The 90 Degree brand has made it a point to manufacture great leggings that are durable, thick, squat-proof, buttery-soft, and will last for many years of workouts and errands to come! No more embarrassing see-through leggings, ladies! (And no…I’m not speaking from experience…?).

woman wearing blue leggings showing hidden pocket

As a bonus, they even come with a convenient, hidden pocket which is an innovative way to either store your house key or credit cards so no more needing to haul around a purse! ?

woman holding black leggings side by side

If you remember when we compared other Amazon clothes to Lululemon, these leggings were one of Collin’s favorite go-to finds that started our whole team trend. ?

woman wearing royal blue leggings in dance studio

To make these even more versatile, the brand even offers a cropped version, so you can be sure to wear your favorite new leggings even during warmer months and all your steamy, hot yoga sessions.

“These leggings are a great inexpensive activewear find! I ordered a pair in the cropped style after Collin had raved about them and they didn’t disappoint. I love that they come in so many colors as well so I can add a pop of color to my collection of mostly black leggings. ? I work out in them frequently and they’ve held up great in the wash! I plan to buy a pair of of the ankle-length next.” – Emily

The shorter ladies on our team even prefer to order this style so they get a better fit on the length!

woman wearing leggings with pockets

You can also scoop up their genius, new leggings with deep pockets on the side, perfect for sliding in your smartphone, earbuds, or other small necessities you need when working out. ? Talk about life-changing!

“I have two pairs of these leggings and they’re the first that I ever owned with pockets! Needless to say, all of my other ones without pockets are going bye-bye, I love these so much!” – Erica

“I absolutely LOVE this brand of leggings! They have a lush, buttery feel to them and remind me of the original Lularoe leggings when they first came out. The ones without pockets offer more of a compression, which I really love wearing, too.” – Alana 

In summary, here’s a list of all the things we can’t stop obsessing over with these leggings by 90 degrees:

  • Machine washable
  • They don’t chafe
  • Thick and durable material
  • Buttery soft
  • High-rise fit
  • Slimming waistband
  • Great overall compression
  • Hidden key pocket
  • Great for every day or working out
  • 30-day, full-money-back warranty
  • Stylish just like high-end brands

It’s worth noting that while we are in love with these leggings and had no problems with them, there were a few reviewers saying the colors faded after a few washes. Even after 15-20 washes, our team didn’t have this issue, but keep this in mind when shopping!

Plus sizes seem to be unavailable on Amazon, but many readers have found them in-store and online at Marshall’s. If not, an honorable mention is Yogalicious, and their plus sizes are in stock online at TJ Maxx!

Still on the fence? Here’s some feedback from a couple of Hip2Savers:

woman wearing blue leggings outside walking a dog

“I had a c-section in September and wore these all the time. I bought regular length and they came up very high on me and kept everything ‘in.’ Some of this could be my height (5ft even), but they worked great!” – KelsBurnIt

“90 Degree by Reflex! Yesssss! This is what I wear almost daily to workout, I am sized 14 jeans and I wear a large and love them. I prefer high waisted and cropped to hold all my belly in (??‍♀️) and make me feel secure and able to move and jump confidently. Seriously the best leggings. You can score great deals on eBay and at Meijer’s (yes the grocery store). They do sales on this brand! Just an FYI.” – Stacy

“I bought two pairs of these a year ago to use after having my fifth baby. I used them in the hospital and have worn them all year. I LOVE them. Great for post baby belly. They are so comfortable. They are thick but not hot and they don’t fade or stretch out.” – NCarroll

Bonus Shopping Tip!

Marshalls clearance rack

These leggings currently retail between $20.15 – $56.99 on Amazon, but you have to keep an eye out next time you visit Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Lina from our team, as well as various Hip2Savers, said that they’ve spotted the exact same pair that Amazon sells for just $13 in-store! SCORE!

You’re going to love these incredibly affordable Lululemon lookalikes we found!

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