cuplTag temperature and humidity sensor


If you have been patiently waiting for the new open source cuplTag system to launch via Crowd Supply, you will be pleased to know that the temperature and humidity sensor is now available with prices starting from $39 with shipping expected to take place during January 2022. Worldwide shipping is available and the tap-to-read NFC tag can log both humidity and temperature making it easy to monitor a variety of different locations remotely.

Possible applications include preventing mold growth by keeping relative humidity below 60%, deterring dust mites and other small insects, providing specific temperature and humidity profiles to promote plant growth or a system to help you safely store film, art, and other sensitive media. Enterprise applications also include monitoring laboratories and production environments, helping the losing epoxy resins cure more quickly as well as the ability to track environmental conditions within your warehouse as well as protecting goods in transit.

cuplTag temperature humidity sensor companion application

cuplTag temperature and humidity sensor

– cuplTag automatically reads temperature and humidity every ten minutes³.
– Readings are stored² in a long URL¹.
– When you tap cuplTag with your phone, that URL opens automatically in a web browser.
– The cupl web application decodes the URL and extracts readings and metadata.
– Readings are timestamped, stored in a database, and displayed graphically.
– You can share a link to these graphs with your friends or download the data as a CSV.

“The cuplTag temperature and humidity sensor is a battery-powered NFC tag that logs ambient temperature and humidity. Tap it with an NFC-enabled phone and you will see timestamped readings appear in a web application. It’s a one-step operation that requires no configuration and no app installation! The cuplTag system offers unparalleled ease-of-use in a low cost package. There are many uses for this zero-install sensor.”

Source : Crowd Supply

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