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By Courtney Omell
on September 08, 2021

During the past 18 months, shoppers have changed their shopping habits, and Macy’s has noticed. Recently, Macy’s reported its earnings, and it is clear that many people are taking advantage of online shopping.

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In the past, a lot of shoppers would physically go to the store, try on an outfit, see if they liked it, and then decide to buy it. Even though there are some people who still prefer to do this, the pandemic created a very different situation.

Many shoppers started to purchase their clothes online, and it seems that most of them will continue to do so. Stores that have adapted to the situation have placed themselves in the best position possible to be successful. This includes Macy’s.

In this post we’ll cover:

  1. Macy’s Has Seen a Jump in Online Buyers
  2. Macy’s and Toys R Us
  3. Shoppers Refuse To Revert To Old Habits
  4. Looking to the Future of Macy’s
  5. Find the Best Macy’s Deals Possible

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When digging into the details of the Macy’s earning report, it is clear that much of their boost comes from the online world. When compared to this time last year, online sales are down six percent. At this time last year, all stores were closed. Therefore, the only option customers had was to shop online. Now, the vast majority of stores are open again, even if they are under restrictions.

As a result, a drop in eCommerce sales is expected; however, the drop is not as big as many people anticipated. When compared to this time two years ago, pre-pandemic, eCommerce sales are up 45 percent. This clearly shows that online shopping at Macy’s has grown in popularity even after stores have reopened.

Macy’s Is Opening a New Partnership with Toys R Us

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Clearly, Macy’s is seeing an opportunity for success in a retail market that has been hurt significantly by the pandemic. For example, Macy’s has announced a partnership with Toys R Us, one of the biggest toy companies in the world. Macy’s is already offering a wide variety of toys online, preparing for a busy shopping season.

Because Macy’s has seen such an improvement in its online sales, it is trying to maximize this revenue stream by offering toys as well as clothes. This could make it easier for shoppers who are looking to do some one-stop shopping during the holidays and during Black Friday sales. There might even be some interesting bundles that emerge between clothes and toys.

Shoppers Refuse To Revert To Old Habits

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Even though a lot of stores have opened their physical locations once again, it is clear that many shoppers are refusing to revert to their old habits. We’ve known for years now (20 years, to be exact!) that online shopping isn’t going anywhere and more and more shoppers will begin to take their money spending online.

The convenience, the deals and coupons, and the ease of browsing at all hours of the day make online shopping an experience that can’t be matched. We don’t expect to see a shift back to primarily in-store shopping anytime soon and so we’ll continue to watch online deals from stores growing their online presence, like Macy’s.

Looking to the Future of Macy’s

online shopping
Even though Macy’s has been struggling during the past few years, it appears that the online world has given the retail giant a lifeline. It is obvious that many people are taking advantage of the deals that are available for online shopping at Macy’s.
While foot traffic continues to be a significant issue at physical stores, shoppers should expect to see some amazing deals in the online world. How can everyone make sure they take advantage of the best deal possible from Macy’s? Keep reading.

Find the Best Macy’s Deals Possible

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If you are planning to shop Macy’s online, then you need to make sure you take advantage of every possible deal at

For example, you might want to use the best Macy’s coupons to save money, particularly during the holiday shopping season. If you want to take advantage of Macy’s special offers, then rely on Brad’s Deals for the latest information on the best savings opportunities at Macy’s.

We expect Black Friday sales to kick off in October again this year and last throughout the entire holiday season. Macy’s has been a leader in online Black Friday sales for years now and we’re excited to see what happens when their online store begins to receive the attention it deserves.

As the retail conglomerate continues to pump money into the eCommerce wing, amazing online deals are going to emerge. Make sure you don’t miss anything and take a look at the best Macy’s deals available today!

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