5 Apps That Will Help You Stick To Your New Year Resolutions


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As every New year, you probably made some New Year resolutions list for 2021…you wrote them on a piece of paper and by now it’s quite possible that your precious paper with the list is lost, somehow… Well, we got this for you –  5 Apps to Help You Keep You Motivated and Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution


    New Year is a time when most of you undergo a sense of self-realization and often reflect upon the past year, accounting for the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ you have done. And we’re sure most of you come up with resolutions to ensure a better lifestyle or to learn something new or inculcate new habits. However, with time, these resolutions don’t turn any fruitful because either you forget about them or you lose motivation to continue.

This year, if you’re determined to stick to your New Year’s goals, then all you need is your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. That means we’ve got a way out to help you!

 We’ve compiled 5 apps that will help you stick to your New Year resolutions and complete them with utmost sincerity. Read on!


1.      Google Keep

google keep

    When it comes to keeping up with New Year resolutions, we’re sure most of you forget the goals over time. Daily errands, office work, and many other things preoccupy your mind and you miss tasks you set for yourself. So, to avoid missing out on the tasks you have set aside to bring about a change in your life, install the Google Keep app.

Google Keep, the all-in-one app, helps you to keep track of reminders and tasks you have to do. Well, originally, it was just a note-taking application and now with the integration of Google Assistant, this app has become the new To-Do list. From workout timings to office tasks, you can add everything you need to do on this app. You can even add photos and web links, which you have to check out or review. Just install this ‘To-Do List’ app on your smartphone and organize your tasks and resolutions in the best possible way.


2.      Grow

Grow app

    New Year resolutions are mostly about learning or inculcating new habits. Whether it is adopting healthier diets, doing a regular workout regime, or just learning a new skill, you plan it all but often fail to stick to it. Not anymore! Just download the Grow app on your phone or tablet to continue with your habit/goals.

This simple app helps you add your ‘habit’, set a start and end date, and complete them successfully. And as you keep continuing your ‘habit’, you’ll observe a tree growing gradually with each day when you complete them. Basically, you can relate the growth of your habit with the growing tree.

So, whatever your habit maybe, with the Grow app you can surely reach your goal quite simply and easily.


3.      Monefy

monefy app

    Saving money or spending wisely is one of the most tedious jobs that you must have experienced. Every year you think you’ll save money or cut down on your splurges but all in vain. Plus, some of you even plan to get away with your debts. These resolutions are definitely quite common but when it comes to balancing out your checkbooks, it becomes difficult.

So if you want to change the way you handle your money, then take a step forward to make this resolution successful with this great app we suggest for you – Monefy. With the aim to simplify the process of keeping track of your money and expenditures, this app enables you to categorize your money ‘ins and outs’ on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Monefy has the potential to track down every penny of yours, so you know how much you’re spending and how much you need to save.

Moreover, this app offers you a lot more features to ensure that you manage your finances better and faster. It comes with password protection to keep prying eyes away from viewing your financial details. Besides, the app can also export your financial data so that you can view it even on your laptops or PC system.

 Download this app today and become a pro in managing your finances this New Year.


4.      Food Diary

food diary app

    Healthy eating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is one of the most common New Year resolutions you all make. Most of you plan your diet, start to avoid fast foods, take a gym membership, and so on. But often fail to maintain it. Even when you keep up with this resolution, tracking food intake becomes difficult. So, to make this task easier, you can download the Food Diary app and enter your calorie intake whenever you eat anything.

Unlike other subscription-based apps, Food Diary is an extremely minimalistic application, which is free and you don’t need to create an account for it as well. Moreover, using this app, you can easily control your weight and ensure a timely intake of your food.

That’s not all! You’ll even have a better understanding of the food you’re consuming. Needless to say, your resolution of having a healthy lifestyle can surely succeed with this Food Diary app.

 Install it today on your smartphone and keep updating the calories to achieve a healthier life this New Year.


5.      Calm

calm app

    Some of you begin your New Year with a resolution to lead a peaceful and stress-free life. With work, household, and several other responsibilities, we’re sure most of you have a lot of stress and anxiety along with lack of sleep. Well, it’s never too late to take a step back for yourself and care for your mental health, which is very much required nowadays. For this, you can try the app Calm.

A simple, easy to navigate app, Calm, stands out among other mental health apps on PlayStore. Whether you’re experiencing insomnia or finding it difficult to meditate, the Calm app is definitely a great option for you.

That’s not all! It is instilled with different programs, tailored specifically to ensure that you accomplish everything you need so that you achieve complete peace of mind. From training your mind to calming down your anxiety levels to inducing sleep, Calm is just the all-in-one mental health app that you should really try. Check out this app on PlayStore, install it, and take a step towards a stress-free and peaceful life this New Year.


    Since people have diverse New Year’s resolutions, finding an app for everything is difficult but the right motivation and dedication always helps. Nevertheless, we hope these 5 apps will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions and continue them without any hindrances. Besides, it’s time to use technology to make some good changes to lead a better lifestyle starting this new year.


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