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Dashcams are all the rage nowadays. These small cameras allow you to record video footage of each journey. They’re most commonly placed on the dashboard facing towards the front of the road, however, there are cameras out there that can fit on the exterior of your vehicle. They can also hang from the inside roof looking backwards, allowing you to take all kinds of footage. 

Below are just a few reasons to consider getting a dashcam as well as a brief guide on which camera is best for your Audi. 

Being able to record video footage while driving has many benefits. Some of the main reasons to buy a dashcam include:

Stay legally protected in an accident

If you’re involved in an accident, a dashcam could help you prove that the other driver was at fault. You may be able to show on camera that a driver wasn’t paying attention or that they pulled out without indicating. In the case of an injury claim in which you may need to hire an expert car accident lawyer, having this dashcam footage could greatly help to support your case. When making an insurance claim, it could also be handy to have this footage as evidence. 

Help report crime on the roads

Many of us witness acts of reckless driving on the roads but often aren’t able to make a record of the driver’s license plate at the time. Having a dashcam could allow you to capture evidence, which could be useful if you decide to report the behavior to the police. You may even catch criminal behavior taking place off the road such as fights on the sidewalk. 

Monitor other drivers using your car

A dashcam could also be used to monitor other drivers who may be borrowing your car. If you have a kid who has recently passed their test and they have a habit of driving a little dangerously, a dashcam could enable you to record their journey, potentially discouraging them from speeding or taking corners too fast. . 

Capture memories of epic road trips

Got a road trip planned in your Audi? A dashcam could be a great way of recording some of the scenic drives so that you can later look back on them. It may be useful simply for capturing odd or amusing sights on the road. In fact, you may be able to capture anything hilarious and bizarre simply by recording your day-to-day driving – some of which you may even be able to post online and turn into viral videos. 

Most dashcams are likely to be compatible with Audis. While there are some that you can easily wire up yourself, others may benefit from being professionally installed (if anything, so that you’re not trailing wires everywhere).

The Audi UTR is a dashcam produced by Audi that could be a good choice. These cameras record footage onto a removable SD card. You can also view your recordings via an app. The dashcam is one of the more pricey options on the market, but it’s a high quality camera that is worth the value. 

If you’d prefer something cheaper, there are many other models of dashcam on the market. 4K cameras are the most high quality options, but can be quite costly. There are many HD options that aren’t far off the same quality that could save you some money. Those that don’t come with an app and save footage solely onto a SD card may also be cheaper.

Dashcams are easiest to install in modern cars. While it’s possible to have dashcams retrofitted into Audi models produced before 2010, you’ll likely have to spend a little extra. Bear this in mind if you have an older model. 

Some drivers get multiple dashcams fitted on their car. In fact, there are kits that allow you to install both a forward and backwards facing camera, storing footage to the same memory device. Having two cameras could give you added protection in an accident, as well as allow you to record more incidents (serious or funny) throughout each journey.

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