Follow your pursuit to Live Active with the new NoiseFit Active


Assisting individuals committed to live life on the fast lane, the new NoiseFit Active combines several health and fitness features, ensuring that you always ‘Live Active’.

Available in 4 unique colours, the all new smartwatch from Noise is high on style and provides a number of active lifestyle features for you to make the most off. Strap on your training gear and improve your overall well being with NoiseFit Active.

Sports driven aesthetic

1621874969 518 smartwatch sports mode Noisefit Active

Crafted to make heads turn, personalise the NoiseFit Active as per your unique style. The 1.2 inch TFT LCD display comes with 240×240 pixel resolution for clear viewing angles.

Choose from several customisable and cloud based watch faces to express yourself the way you want to. Mix and match your attire with the many watch faces and set a new trend every day.

Primed for the grind

No matter your preferred form of training, you can choose from up to 14 sports modes and indulge in the workout of your choice. Whether you prefer at home yoga or enjoy stepping out for a run, simply trigger the respective sports mode and track your progress. Not only can you improve your performance through such activity tracking, you can even identify your strengths and work on areas that require improvement.

Inspecting your health

At a time when your health takes precedence over everything else, the NoiseFit Active has a number of features oriented to help you take a keener look at your overall well being. Through complete health monitoring you can assess and work towards improving your mental and physical wellness.

From tracking your heart rate, monitoring daily stress levels to measuring your blood oxygen, get more insight into your physical condition. Never overlooking the mental side of things, you can make use of dedicated stress monitoring to keep your stress levels in check. Integrated breathing exercises provide a quick time-out for when things get rough. Women can also track their menstrual cycle to effectively align future plans.

Moisture friendly

Do not be fazed by sudden splashes and dust, the NoiseFit Active offers 5ATM water resistance ensuring that your smartwatch never slows down. Step out for a jog in the rain or indulge in a sweaty workout without worrying about damaging your watch. Simply focus on your performance and track your progress since moisture never slows you down.

Stop at nothing

Designed to withstand the grind, get up to 7 days of power upon a complete charge. The 320mAh battery ensures that nothing slows down your hustle. Go through an entire week without worrying about power and never miss an important appointment.

Get more with the NoiseFit App

1621874969 247 Smartwatch app Noisefit Active

Connect your new NoiseFit Active to the NoiseFit app to unlock the full potential of your smartwatch. A one-stop app for all your fitness and health tracking needs, you can access all your performance data in the app to gage what works best for you. Get detailed reports overtime to identify areas that may be lacking and require your further attention.

Packed with a number of lifestyle features, you can even calculate your daily steps and get reminders upon being sedentary for too long. Kick start the journey to complete health with the NoiseFit Active now.

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