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The wristwatch replaced the pocket watch as a more convenient way to get time details easily in the last century. More recently, the widespread availability and accessibility of cell phones (which can also show the time) have led many people to dismiss wristwatches as obsolete jewelry and return to what is essentially a pocket watch.


Smartwatches seem to be going in the same direction as cell phones after more than 40 years of technical advancements: come with various functionalities. Smartwatches can act as a general-purpose, networked device with a variety of sensors in addition to being a chronograph.


Top-notch smartwatch brands are creating these advanced devices today and people love it as it not only shows time but tracks heart rates, sleep, and more.


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Why You Should Invest in a Smartwatch?


Smartwatches have two distinct advantages over other devices: their mounting position and (perhaps more importantly) their constant relation to the skin. The interactions in smart bracelets, like those in virtual reality glasses, do not always necessitate the use of both hands. Users do not need to keep the computer in their hands as they do with smartphones, and one hand is fully occupied. Users must, however, adjust their wrist location and, if a touch or voice input is required, use the other side. Smartwatches are worn on the wrist and have a normal, well-known spot. This facilitates behavior recognition research by removing the burden of determining the device’s location.

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Factors to Look For While Investing in a Smartwatch:

  • Device      compatibility is critical since most smartwatches are built to be      companions to your smartphone. Samsung’s Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch and      Galaxy Watch Active 2 work with a variety of Android and iPhone devices. It should      be noted, however, that using such watches with an Android device,      specifically a Samsung device, is simpler. The Fitbit Versa 2 is      compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Android users do get a      bonus feature: instant responses to incoming text messages. 

  • The Apple Watch,      unsurprisingly, only fits with the iPhone. The watchOS App Store can be      found in the iPhone’s pre-installed Apple Watch app. Most smartwatches      have a vibrant LCD or AMOLED display, which is brighter and allows you to      view images, games, and other content in richer color. The trade-off is a      shorter battery life, though smartwatch manufacturers are working to      improve the reliability of their products. Some will last for days, if not      weeks, but if you want the longest battery life, go with a black-and-white      monitor. To allow for slimmer designs, more expensive smartwatches use      crisp OLED displays instead of LCDs.

  • It would seem      that choosing a touchscreen for your smartwatch is a no-brainer. However,      selecting objects on a smaller touch panel can be challenging, and some of      the gesture-based interfaces aren’t intuitive. Apple chose a hybrid      approach for the Apple Watch, with a touch monitor on the right side and      both a digital crown and a side button.

  • The better      smartwatches come with a variety of straps or the option to change them      out for a third-party option. This is crucial if you want to customize the      appearance of your unit. Before purchasing a smartwatch, most of them now      offer a variety of customization options.

  • Smartwatches are      becoming more common, and some models now have hundreds or even thousands      of apps. With over 20,000 apps available, the Apple Watch has the most      diverse app library to date, including ESPN, MapMyRun, Uber, and even      Rosetta Stone.


The Smartwatch Market:


According to a new survey, major brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung led the industry in terms of shipments. Apple has lost about 10% of its smartwatch market share to rivals Samsung and Huawei, with Apple Watch shipments down 13% from 6 million in Q1 2019 to 5.2 million in the same quarter this year.


 Samsung has also seen a significant rise in its share of the smartwatch market, with a 46 % year-on-year increase in shipments, placing it at 12.4 %. Since the Apple Watch only works with iPhones, it was never going to be able to maintain that level of market share – and there was always the possibility of a competitor taking over with more economical Android smartwatches. 

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Emerging Top-notch Smartwatch Brands:

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Zeblaze is an organization that had a remarkable success story in the smartwatch industry and was established about five years ago in Shenzhen, China. The core principle on which the brand was founded was to provide new ways of connecting people to the Internet through smartwatches based on new innovative technologies.


Zeblaze’s goal is to link the planet with wearable, health, and fitness-oriented technology. Some of the items from the Zeblaze brand name include the series Zeblaze Vibe, Zeblaze Crystal, Zeblaze Thor, and Zeblaze Hybrid. Besides, the company also makes wireless earphones (Zepods) that could be used to improve the smartwatches’ functionality.


Zeblaze has grown to become one of the industry’s leading companies, with smartwatches being used in more than 100 countries around the world. These goods, in particular, are in high demand because they have proven to be successful in sports and healthcare. 


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Shenzhen Wayforward Electronic Co. LTD launched the LEMFO watch brand. They created a one-of-a-kind watch with high-end features to add a touch of style to Smartwatches. LEMFO was established in 2014, and since then, they have expanded their market internationally solely through the quality of their products.


Many people like the LEMFO Smart Watches, and the company is improving the features to compete with other Smart Watches firms. The most authentic watch of all watches is the LEMFO smartwatch. The device looks stylish with a case of steel. It has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor to process fast data. With 2G and 3G networking support, the watch has a ROM of 8 GB and a RAM of 1GB. Furthermore, the LEMFO smartwatch supports a scanning system for voices.  The system has 20 language support, can play music using Bluetooth, and supports Wi-Fi.


The Future of Smartwatches: 


Smartwatches have the potential to be a huge help to mHealth technologies. Many smartwatches and fitness trackers, such as the Nike+ SportWatch, Fitbit, JawBone, Basis, and Microsoft Band, also use physical activity sensing to encourage users to live a more active lifestyle.


Smartwatches are expected to carve out a niche for themselves in the industry. These watches can find a niche without replacing other devices, just as tablets haven’t replaced laptops and smartphones haven’t replaced TV remotes.


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