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Has quarantine led you to hunch over your laptop all day? Be it work, socialising or entertainment, your laptop or PC drives your daily lifestyle. Having a proper work station (both at home and at work) may not always be an option.

During such times leaning towards a few handy light stretches may be the answer to counter the negative long term effects of sitting. Having a bad posture can lead to a number of ailments leading to chronic pain in the back, neck or shoulders.

Maintaining a proper posture, through planned stretches is a simple solution to alleviate any future complications. Just make sure to wear stretchable fabric and strap on your GPS smartwatch to get periodic sedentary reminders upon sitting excessively long. Each of the following stretches is easy to do no matter where you are or what your body type is.

Neck stretch

Starting at the top – begin by focusing on your neck which can often turn stiff upon stooping excessively. If unchecked, this could cause daily headaches while simultaneously straining your upper back.

Every few hours wherever you are, reach for either side of your head with your palm one at a time. Lightly pull down at a tilted angle, bringing your head closer to your neck. Repeat on either side while holding the posture for about 20 to 30 seconds each. This is best performed sitting with an erect back, although you can even opt to perform this stretch standing.

Torso twist

If you often find yourself slumped or your hips sliding forward in your chair, it directly contributes to adding strain on your back. Impacting the central area of your back, this could often lead to a piercing pain that may last for an entire day. Even the lower and upper back can be negatively impacted while being complacent with such improper posture.

Opt for a reliable smart wearable such as the ColorFit Pro 3 smartwatch with periodic sedentary reminders to keep lethargic tendencies at bay. Get on your feet and set them parallel to your shoulders with your hands on top of your head. Flare your elbows and simply twist your torso as you hold on either side, while contracting your stomach and applying pressure on your back and hips. Stretch as far as your body allows and hold the posture for 20 to 30 seconds each.

Hip stretch

Most people tend to suffer from lower back related problems when sitting for an excessively long period. It is essential to correct such issues with smart solutions in the long term. Opt for a Bluetooth smartwatch, the right medication and regular exercise to keep such chronic ailments in check.

For immediate relief, hip stretches can be performed while seated to provide some relaxation to the glutes and hips. Sit upright on a chair with no arm rests. Cross your ankles one at a time over either knee sitting tall on the chair. Slowly fold your body forward at the glutes as you press down on your knees to enhance the stretch. Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds as you rotate between both legs.  

Back extension

One of the easier stretches to perform, a conventional back extension can be performed both sitting down and standing up. Upon getting a sedentary reminder from your trusty smartwatch, scoot back into your chair or stand upright while slowly tensing your muscles in the back and neck.

Lean back in a falling position with your arms folded comfortably behind your head, and your elbows flared in opposite directions. This simple yet immensely effective stretch can relieve tense muscles in your shoulders, chest, hips and back. Go for 15 to 20 second stretches at regular intervals to counter act the effects of excessive sitting.

Spinal Twist

Working to affect the entire back, spinal twists are especially good to target the sides of your lower back and hips. Improving flexibility by opening up the muscles, this exercise can be performed anywhere and can help correct your posture in the long term.

Easy to perform both sitting and upright, space your feet and shoulders while aligned to each other, as you slowly rotate your torso with your hands on either side of your hip. Upon twisting, hold the posture as you thrust out your pelvis for maximum stretch ability. At home using a stretching band around your waist can further aid in creating relief in your lower back.

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