3D printed Xbox One steering wheel controller conversion kit


Xbox One gamers with access to a 3D printer may be interested in a new Xbox One steering wheel controller conversion kit created by Thingiverse user “JnBean”. “This is a conversion kit for Xbox One Controllers. It enables you to get a steering wheel, brake and throttle pedal and a full 6+R H-Pattern shifter with just the prints and a few screws here and there. “

“Keep in mind this thing is work in progress – I will updating some of those parts for better printing possibility and better usability. Some parts like the base, the arms and the xbox-holder-clamps are derived from the Snap-on XBOX HOTAS from akaki – mate, that thing is just amazing, thank you for that design! !!! To be able to shift with the right thumbstick you need my software that translates the shifts on the Xbox Controller to the gears ingame. !!!”

For more information on the project and to download all the 3D printing files you require to create your very own Xbox One car conversion kit jump over to the official Thingiverse project page by following the link below.

Source : Adafruit : Thingiverse

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