A Peek Into the Last Two Weeks (A trip to Little Rock, Branson, and Wichita)


She got some new jammies and wanted to wear her hat with them. ?

This was her face when she saw the neighbors’ dogs that night as we were outside walking around a little before bedtime. She just LOVES animals!

One of my friends recently had a baby and she also has a one-year-old they are fostering and a two-year-old. I went and spent the afternoon hanging out with her little ones so she could have a little free time. I had the most fun having tea parties and playing with her girls. And it made me so excited for when Kierstyn is two!

I flew to Little Rock for the day to record some radio interviews with Family Life about my book, Love-Centered Parenting. It was my first business trip to go on in over a year and a half and it felt so weird! But it was so life-giving to get to be in-studio recording about a topic I am so passionate about!

At the end of the interviews, one of the hosts, Ann, asked if she could pray for me. It was such a special moment and it blessed me so much — and I’m so glad one of the guys in the sound booth snapped a picture!

Silas is on a tournament team this summer and is loving it. He got to pitch one of the games at his last tournament, which he loves!

We left for Paducah, KY, Branson, MO, and Wichita, KS a week ago for a summer road trip. We stopped in Clarksville, TN for Jesse to try out the new Black Rifle Coffee Company shop!

One of the best ways to keep a young child occupied in a hotel room: have them look out the window and watch all the cars and people!

While in Paducah, we went to this highly, highly recommended donut shop — Reds Donuts.

It was delicious — and it was only $8 for a box of 12 different donuts!

We also stopped by Piper’s Tea & Coffee — which was recommended, too!

He was such a good traveler! But he always acted so happy to get out of his car seat and be held or have tummy time in the hotel room!

We went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO — one of our favorite places! Jesse and I both grew up going there so it holds so many special memories for us!

Very important first stop: Cinnamon Bread!

Jesse’s not really a rollercoaster fan, so I enjoyed getting to go with the girls on some of the bigger rollercoasters.

Kierstyn got to go on her first ride!

She wasn’t quite sure what to think at first, but ended up enjoying it!

Some of the Harlem Globetrotters were at Silver Dollar City, so we got to go watch their show.

After our day at Silver Dollar City, we headed to Wichita, KS to visit our families.

Kierstyn really liked getting to hang out with Uncle Stephen.

She also loved Grandma and Grandpa’s dog!

One morning, my mom and I went to Bramble Cafe at Elderslie Farm.

She bought this goat cheese there for me (it was delicious!)

Speaking of delicious, one KS restaurant I always miss in TN is Braum’s. So we had to stop by for some frozen yogurt and burgers!

Kaitlynn was able to ice skate on the rink in KS and my mom got to come and watch her one of the days.

Kierstyn loved getting to hang out with her cousins!

We also finally got to go to Chicken N Pickle!

And I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in 17 years!! (She drove from Oklahoma to meet me for the afternoon!)

My parents also invited a bunch of our friends over one night for a big cookout!

And we all got to go visit my Grandpa (Kierstyn loved his dog!)

We closed out our time in KS with some go-cart rides at Jesse’s family’s house!

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