E-Legend EL1 is an Audi Sport Quattro-Inspired EV with 805 Horsepower


E-Legend is a German-based firm that specializes in making radical electric vehicles and its latest is no different. Although, its latest might also be its best, being that it’s been inspired by the iconic Audi Sport Quattro — the E-Legend EL1. (We don’t have the press photos but you can see them here)


Just one look at the EL1 and you can immediately see that its design was inspired by the icy-cool short-wheelbase Sport Quattro of the mid-’80s. It has the signature fat C-pillar, aggressive hatchback trunk, rear spoiler, squared off face, and even the now-iconic three hood vents. Its arches are flared just like the Sport Quattro’s and it even gets white wheels. It’s almost a recreation of the legendary rally car. Except for the fact that it’s entirely electric.


The original Audi Sport Quattro used a 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine, a five-speed manual, and the old-school Quattro all-wheel drive. The E-Legend EL1 uses three electric motors, along with a 90 kWh battery pack, and all-wheel drive (due to motors being at each axle). While the original Quattro made a very impressive-for-the-time 302 horsepower, the EV1 makes a whopping 805 horsepower. Despite its big battery and three motors, it only weighs 1,680 kg (3,703 lbs). So it can get from 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.8 seconds.

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Shockingly, it also has great range. For a very small manufacturer and all of that power, its 248 miles of range is surprisingly good. The company also says it can complete two laps of the Nürburgring, even while being driven in its Sports Plus mode, which sacrifices range for power.

It should handle well, too. It gets three-way adjustable suspension, as well as a staggered wheel setup, with 19 inch wheels at the front and 20 inch wheels at the back. Throw in all-wheel drive and instant power and it should be a monster on the road.


The only thing unfinished about the E-Legend EL1 is its interior, which actually still looks good, despite not being finalized.


Only thirty examples will be made and they will all be incredibly expensive. The price for an E-Legend EL1 will start at €890,000 (over $1 million). However, if you can afford such a car, the idea of a bespoke EV with over 800 horsepower, a sub-three-second 0-62 mph time, and killer Audi Sport Quattro looks might be too good to pass up.



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