Last Week’s $70.97 Shopping Trip + what we ate


Kierstyn has become my grocery shopping buddy. She loves going to the store with me and helping pick out food. Her favorite part is trying to strike up conversations with everyone who passes by the cart or who she sees in the distance. ?

Here’s what we bought at Kroger for $70.97…

IMG 1580 1
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We had planned to take advantage of the Buy One, Get One Free Chipotle deal for dinner on Tuesday last week. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who had this idea since the line was out the door!! I’m not sure that the wait was worth the money saved, but it was yummy.

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IMG 1646

If you enjoy seeing what we have for breakfasts and dinners, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I often share every morning and every evening what I’m making and how I’m tweaking recipes and/or using what I have.

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This is how cooking often looks these days — and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if it does take longer!

IMG 1669

Baked Oatmeal… ready to go into the oven! This is a family favorite recipe.

IMG 1678
IMG 1683

We had some potatoes, a bag of frozen veggies, and some pork/ground beef I’d gotten marked down. So I used it to make a hash we made often growing up — using the recipe from the More-With-Less Cookbook (anyone familiar with that cookbook?)

IMG 1711 1

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s so versatile! Just use what you have on hand!

IMG 1686
IMG 1750
IMG 1767

I’ve been using all the limes I got marked down in my water every day. It feels all fancy!

IMG 1790

Kierstyn helped me whip up a batch of pizza dough for Friday night pizza night.

IMG 1792 1
IMG 1793 1
IMG 1795 2
IMG 1797 3
IMG 1802 1
IMG 1805

This homemade pizza dough recipe is SO easy to make and it always turns out beautifully!

IMG 1824
IMG 1826

I got the itch to make biscuits and gravy on Saturday morning, so I got creative with what I had — using leftover biscuits, some sausage we had on hand, and half & half instead of milk.

IMG 1827

It actually turned out really well — but I would recommend using crumbled sausage instead of roll sausage.

IMG 1828

What have you been cooking recently? I’d love to hear!

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