Stunning Audi Coupe S/GT Heats Up the Swedish Landscape


Five thousand hours of work results in an Audi Coupe S/GT with tons of custom details, several more tons of ice-cold Teutonic vibes.

Today, every Audi brings sportiness to the table, even at the A/Q level. Of course, a jump to the S or RS levels cranks up the performance to match, but it’s safe to say that any Audi model will get plenty of looks on the street. There’s just something about the cool, Teutonic vibes every machine possesses in their styling.

Style, of course, has always been a part of Audi’s DNA. And it doesn’t get any more ice-cold than this 1972 Coupe S/GT from Sweden. Auditography waited quite a while to capture this custom stunner. It’s safe to say it was more than worth it.

1972 Audi Coupe S/GT

“Okay. So this is one of those that I have to pinch myself again,” wrote the photographer in the description. “This car, right here, has been on my radar for a few years. It’s a one-off 1972 Audi 100 Coupè S/GT, that is custom-made with the craziest details on this planet. This project required over 5000 working hours, and the attention to detail is insane. I really think that this is one of the most beautiful cars ever. It’s Audi’s Eleanor.”

And there are, indeed, tons of details to go over. First of all, it rides upon a custom air suspension, allowing the owner, Niklas Frisk, to go low and slow through the streets of Malmo. The engine is original, but tuned to get all 136 horses charging out of the corral through a four-speed manual. And though it doesn’t wear a gray like Nardo Gray, the Aston Martin-derived Casino Royale fits the Audi beautifully.

1972 Audi Coupe S/GT

The custom touches continue inside, too. The Audi’s leather-wrapped dash with white stitching is too cool, and excellently frames the set of custom Speed Hut gauges. The seating, meanwhile, was rebuilt to bring more racing vibes to the cabin, and the old wood trim was replaced by aluminum. The fuel door was moved to the C-pillar, and uses a door from a Victory motorcycle, Volkswagen Golf Mk3 brakes stop the whole thing, and Golf Mk1 fender bits cover the 18-inch wheels.

1972 Audi Coupe S/GT

“We did an awesome shoot that will forever be remembered,” wrote the photographer. “This is probably the coolest Audi I’ve ever seen in my life.”

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