How to Flex Ulta Coupons Like a Pro


Ulta offers beauty enthusiasts plenty of ways to save every day with Buy More, Save More merchandise, gifts with purchase and sales, including as much as 75% off select brands and products. But the Ulta coupons really hold beaucoup savings if you know where to find them, how to use them and, roughly, when they’re available. 

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Find out the best ways to save on your next Ulta shopping excursion. But for the absolute most savings, join Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards program to receive coupons straight to your email inbox or through the mail. Regardless of the rewards tier, you’ll still have more access to Ulta coupons than the average person. Although Ulta coupons aren’t stackable and come with certain exclusions, like the Benefit Brow Bar, Dermalogica Skin Bar and the Ulta Salon, they’re still totally worth saving, clipping and using on every allowable purchase.

Oh, and don’t forget to check if there’s a RetailMeNot Cash Back offer at Ulta where you earn back your money on every purchase.

Here’s a look at the Ulta coupons available throughout the year and how to use them like a pro:

Ulta 20% Off Coupons

The 20% off coupons are the most highly coveted of all the Ulta coupons. Here are the different ones you’ll come across and how you can get your hands on each of them:

Ulta 20% Off Coupon With An Ulta Credit Card

Image: Ulta Beauty

Sign up for an Ulta Ultamate Rewards credit card. It’s different from the rewards program, but you’ll earn points on every purchase (at Ulta and other stores). Ulta will give you a 20% off coupon to use on your first purchase with your new credit card. And as you’ll find, this 20% coupon doesn’t exclude prestige brands, making it extra valuable.

Plus, a few times a year (typically in the spring and around the holidays), Ulta gifts its credit cardholders and Ultamate Rewards members a 20% off coupon that doesn’t exclude prestige products. This year, however, the 20% off coupon was available in January. So, if you’re holding off purchasing expensive products or tools that are normally excluded from coupons, this is your chance to score big! 

Ulta 20% Off One Item Coupon

“Qualifying” is the key phrase for Ulta’s 20% off one item coupon because there are exclusions. Most of the time, prestige products are excluded from this coupon. You can get a 20% off one item coupon when it’s available at or when Ulta sends it to your email or through the mail. It can be used only one time.

Ulta 20% Off Your Entire Order Coupon

An Ulta 20% off your entire purchase coupon applies to regular-price, sale and clearance merchandise, although it *usually* excludes prestige products and other services. It comes around maybe four to five times a year via email or mailed as a single coupon. I don’t remember seeing this one available on

Ulta $3.50 Coupons

When other Ulta coupons aren’t available, you can bet your bottom dollar a $3.50 off coupon is. 

sample Ulta $3.50 off $15 coupon
Image: Ulta Beauty

$3.50 off $15 Purchase

The $3.50 off a qualifying $15 purchase coupon, which is a 23.33% discount, is the most common one Ulta offers. You can find them on Ulta’s website or on the back of its circular. Or, just check out RetailMeNot for the latest Ulta coupons to use one every time you shop.

$3.50 Off $10 Purchase 

This coupon isn’t as frequent as Ulta’s $3.50 off $15 coupon, but it’s available sporadically and is essentially a 35% discount. Customers who’ve subscribed to Ulta can find get it through their email or mailbox.

Ulta $5 Off Coupon

We don’t consider Ulta’s $5 off coupons rare. However, you won’t come across them every day. Shoppers who sign up to receive Ulta correspondence get them through the mail, typically, on the back of the circulars.

These are the $5 coupons Ulta makes available throughout the year: 

sample Ulta $5 off $25 coupon
Image: Photo taken of Ulta Circular

$5 Off $25 Purchase

The $5 off of a qualifying $25 Ulta purchase is valid online and in stores and equals a 20% discount. I received mine on the back of Ulta’s recently mailed August circular.

$5 Off $15 Purchase

Of all the $5 off coupons, Ulta’s $5 off a $15 purchase is the most common. It’s a 33.33% discount on qualifying merchandise. You can find them at and on the back of the Ulta circulars that are mailed out to subscribers and Ultamate Rewards members.

$5 Off $10 Purchase 

The $5 off a $10 purchase is a whopping 50% off on purchases of at least $10. It excludes prestige products and services and is sometimes only valid for in-store purchases. Ulta mails them out to Ultamate Rewards members and subscribed customers through their circulars.

Ulta $10 Off $40 Coupon

The $10 off a $40 purchase coupon is the highest percentage off that Ulta offers, amounting to a 25% discount. This one saves you the most money, but rarely, if ever, includes prestige products. We don’t like to use the word “never” because Ulta has surprised us a time or two. It’s a good one to use when you need to stock up on “qualifying items” as it offers more bang for the buck. You can get it on the back of the Ulta circulars you receive in the mail.

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