New Google Nest cameras and doorbells officially launch


Google has today launched its next generation of Next cameras and doorbells announcing the availability of its first outdoor/indoor battery-powered camera the Google Nest Cam priced at $180. The first Nest battery-powered doorbell aptly named the Nest Doorbell priced at $180 and the Nest Cam with floodlight, the company’s first connected floodlight camera priced at $280 together with the second generation wired Nest Cam offering an indoor camera and the most affordable Nest Cam to date priced at $100.

The new battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell are available for preorder today and will go on sale on August 24th and the Nest Cam with floodlight and the new wired indoor Nest Cam will be available to purchase very soon.

“Because we’re all overloaded with notifications every day, our next-generation cameras and doorbell are made to send you the most helpful alerts. They detect important events that happen in and around the home, including alerts for people, animals and vehicles — and in Nest Doorbell’s case, also packages. Our new cameras and doorbell can do this because they process what they see on-device, which means more relevant notifications and added privacy and security. On-device processing means that all of this works right out of the box, no subscription required. “

“Google Nest’s new camera and doorbell line are truly made for every home. Battery technology allows you to install Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell nearly anywhere in your home — not just where there’s a power outlet or existing doorbell wires. The wire-free design makes installation even easier, too. And for those who prefer the option to wire their devices, we’ve added the ability to wire the battery-powered Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell. The Google Store is stocked with accessories for Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell so it’s easy to install them where you want.”

For more information on the new Google Nest launched today jump over to the official press release published to the Google blog by following the link below.

Source : Google

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