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Audi wants to embrace the now, to not lose the trees for the forest. Sure, be excited about the future and remember the past but stay present and enjoy the moment. That sort of thing. In this new short film from Audi, we get to see people embracing the now with a massive water balloon fight, featuring a ton of cameos.


The short film starts off with a business exec-type, driving home in his Audi e-tron Sportback. After he pulls into his driveway and plugs his car in, his kids hit him with water balloons. He’s instantly engaged in a water balloon fight with the two of them, as he tries to duck for cover behind his car. Soon after that, his neighbors join in, flanking him with more water balloons. His wife pulls up in her Audi Q8, trunk loaded with pre-filled balloons, ready to assist.


Soon after that, the entire neighborhood is engaged in an epic water balloon fight. Of course, the video features countless Audi models; from past, present, and future; and a narrator drives home the whole embracing the present vibe, while a version of 99 Luftballoons plays in the background.

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There are cameos from Walter Rohrl, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Hurley Haywood, Tom Kristensen, and even Doug DeMuro. It’s filled with funny moments, heartwarming ones, and a ton of awesome cars. I’ll give Audi credit, this is a really fun short film and the best one to come from Audi Films yet. The brand is now forgiven for the overly dramatic and confusing Audi Q8 reveal film.


This new one — Led Balloon — is really great and seems like it was as much fun to make as it was to watch. The end features all of the bloopers and some of the incredible cars used in the making of the film. There are appearances from the Audi Sport Quattro, Audi Union Type C, and the Audi 200 Trans Am racer.


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