The 7 Best AARP Benefits for Travelers That Save You the Most Money


If you love traveling, there’s a group you’ll want to join. It’s one that can help you save big on all your trips. We’re talking about AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons. Although the name of the organization includes the term “retired persons,” you don’t have to be retired or a senior to join it and start taking advantage of the savings. In fact, you can join AARP at any age

All you have to do is pay just $16 each year. And when you sign up for automatic renewal or choose a longer membership term, this annual membership fee drops even lower. That’s right! For the cost of a few cups of coffee, you can gain access to AARP travel benefits and discounts, including the comprehensive AARP travel center, which is powered by Expedia.

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Want more information about the AARP travel discounts and how the AARP travel center can benefit you? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve created this handy guide to explain the best AARP travel benefits, including AARP car rental discounts and AARP hotel benefits. Read on to learn more about these great opportunities to save and how you can take advantage of them.

1. AARP Car Rental Discounts

Why It Helps Travelers Save: Whether you’re planning a road trip or planning to fly to your destination and then rent a car, you can use the AARP car rental discounts. You’ll find discounts on cars from rental companies that you know and love.

·        Avis and Budget: Get 30% off base rates, an upgrade on compact cars based on availability and the ability to add an additional driver for free.

·        Payless Car Rental: Get 5% off leisure daily, weekly, weekend and monthly base rates plus free upgrades on compact car bookings.

·        Zipcar Car Sharing: Get 43% off an annual Zipcar membership and a $40 driving credit.

You can also turn to the AARP Travel Center to view the discounted car rental rates from all these companies in the same place at the same time.

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Image: AARP

How It Works: You have several options to get the AARP car rental discounts, including mentioning your AARP membership when booking directly with the rental company. However, the easiest way to save is to book through the AARP Travel Center.

2. AARP Travel Benefits for Cruises

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Why It Helps Travelers Save: If you love going on cruises, you’re going to love these AARP travel discounts.

·        Collette Cruise Tours: $50 off per person on cruise tours of Norway’s fjords, China’s Yangtze River or the Nile River in Egypt.

·        Grand European Travel: Save $100 per person on more than 30 luxurious river cruises in Asia, Egypt and Europe.

·        Vacations by Rail: Save 5% on more than 40 rail and cruise vacations in locations that range from the Rhine and Danube Rivers to trans-Atlantic crossings.

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Image: AARP

How It Works: Just as with saving on car rentals, you just mention your AARP membership when you book directly with each cruise company. However, we recommend going through the user-friendly AARP Travel Center to book your trip and get big savings.

3. AARP Flight and Vacation Packages

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Why It Helps Travelers Save: If you’re planning some international travel, AARP can help you save big on everything from airfare to vacation packages.

·       British Airways: As an AARP member, you can save $65 on economy and premium economy flights as well as $200 off business class fares on round-trip transatlantic flights.

·      Explorations by Collette: You can save $50 to $100 per person on small-group cultural immersion tours.

·      Grand European Travel: Save up to $100 per person on more than 300 guided vacations and river cruises around the world.

How It Works: You may be able to use the AARP Travel Center to book these deals. You can also complete the booking through each company’s website and mention your AARP membership.

4. AARP Hotel Benefits

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Why It Helps Travelers Save: The AARP hotel benefits are where this organization really shines. You can find deep discounts on hotels and resorts from all the big names in the industry. From Best Western and Hilton to Waldorf Astoria and Wyndham, you can get discounted stays at countless establishments. In fact, there are too many to mention, so just check out the list below.

Image: AARP

How It Works: You can book a room at any of these hotels or resorts and receive your AARP discount when you use the properties website or book by phone. Just be sure to mention your AARP membership. For ease of booking, you can also go through the AARP Travel Center.

5. AARP Rail and Tour Discounts

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Why It Helps Travelers Save: If you’ve ever wanted to travel by rail, this section contains the best AARP travel discounts for you. Your membership can help you save big while feeling like you’re stepping back in time to travel in style.

·        Collette: Save $50 to $100 per person on tours of at least seven days to all continents. This discount is not only good for rail travel, but also land tours, river cruises and value tours.

·        Vacations by Rail: 5% off worldwide rail vacations, tours and select train tickets in the United States, Canada, Europe and beyond.

How It Works: To get these great travel deals, you just need to mention your AARP membership when you book directly with these travel providers over the phone or online.

6. AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia

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Why It Helps Travelers Save: By now, you’ve heard us mention the AARP Travel Center several times, and there’s a good reason for it. This platform is just like other travel booking sites, but it only contains AARP travel discounts (which tend to be the best around). You can search for deals on vacation packages, stays, cars, cruises, things to do and flights to anywhere you want to go.

How It Works: Just go to and start searching for whatever you need to make your next trip successful (and affordable).

7. AARP Destination Guides

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Why It Helps Travelers Save: Some people love planning their next trip, while others would prefer that someone else do it for them. If you fall into this second group, you’ll want to check out the AARP Destination Guides.

These online guides contain great travel tips and ideas for getaways for every interest and taste. The guides range from Cancun to Key West, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. 

Image: AARP

How It Works: This AARP travel benefit couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is go to the AARP Destinations section of the website and start exploring to find what you need to know as you plan your next trip.

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