Audi Teases Grand Sphere Concept on Facebook Ahead of IAA Reveal


Audi will be unveiling its Grand Sphere Concept at the 2021 IAA motor show in Munich in just a couple of weeks. However, it recently teased the upcoming concept car on Facebook, showing off its roof and seating arrangement.


The Audi Grand Sphere Concept will be a very accurate depiction of the brand’s upcoming Artemis Project, which itself is a revolutionary look into how Audi will make luxury cars in the future. Audi realizes that it can’t beat the Mercedes-Benz S-Class at its own game, so it’s going to shake things up a bit and replace the Audi A8 with something a bit different. That’s where the Project Artemis comes into play, with its A8-style production car getting the codename Landjet. I know, there are a lot of different names at play and it’s a bit confusing but bear with me.


This new teaser image shows the Audi Grand Sphere from the top down and it’s surprisingly interesting. For starters, we can see that it will have a mostly glass roof with almost no breaks in the transparency at all. That glass roof allows us to see the seating arrangement in its entirety. It’s a rather traditional seating arrangement, with two front seats and a rear bench, but we’re expecting some sort of movability with those seats, thanks to Level 4 autonomous technology.

There’s a green light illuminating what looks to be the inside of the center armrest. Were’ not quite sure what that’s about but Audi chose to put it there in this teaser, so it’s likely hinting at something.


It also seems to have very short overhangs, with bulging rear fenders. So it’s likely going to have a muscular look, much like most of Audi’s modern cars. Just from this top-down photo, it also looks like it’s going to have some sort of Sportback body style, with an A7-like tailgate. Which would make sense after hearing Audi design boss Marc Lichte speak about how traditional three-box sedans are going out of style.


Aside from that, we really don’t have any other details. The Audi Grand Sphere Concept will arrive on September 9, giving us the first taste of what the eventual Project Artemis will  be.

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