Last Week’s $64 Grocery Shopping Trip (+ a peek into a few things we ate)


He loves to help me in the kitchen. Flipping pancakes and making eggs for breakfast are some of his “specialties”.

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Look at this deal I found on eggs!!

IMG 3078 1 1

All these were around $64 at Kroger last week!

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My little grocery helper!

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She and I have been eating lunch together every day in my office and listening to Little House on the Prairie on Hoopla before we do our pre-preschool time in my office, too. She just loves this new part of our routine!

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I had bought a pan of rolls marked down at Kroger and stuck them in the freezer recently. I used those to make a recipe I hadn’t made in a long time — bread pudding!

IMG 3182 1
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My great grandmother taught me how to make this back when I would go to her house as a teen. It’s been years since I made it and it was fun to make it back again!

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