This Minty-Fresh 2015 Audi R8 V10 Manual is up For Sale on BaT


The first-gen Audi R8 is probably still the best pure driver’s car Audi ever made. Its mid-engine layout, rear-drive bias, and screaming engines made it an absolute joy to drive. And while the second-gen R8 is also wonderful, it lacks the tactile steering feel and manual transmission of its predecessor. Which is why the first-gen R8 is quickly becoming a high-priced collector’s item.


This specific 2015 Audi R8 V10 is currently up for auction on Bring-a-Trailer with so few miles, it’s essentially brand-new. It comes with a price tag to match, too.


Of all the first-gen Audi R8 variants, this is likely the best one; V10 with a manual transmission. Some purists prefer the original V8 version, which is admittedly an incredible car, but once you hear the siren call of Audi’s 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V10, there no having anything else. Pair that glorious V10 with a manual transmission and you’re in automotive heaven.

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Back in 2015, the Audi R8 V10 made 525 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque. That might not seem like a lot by today’s standards, when small sedans pack 500 horsepower, but it’s far more than enough to get the blood pumping. More important that its power was, and still is, it’s noise. The gorgeous V10 revs past 8,000 rpm and makes a delicious noise. Plus, each blast to redline is followed by the well-oiled metallic shift of the open-gate manual transmission, which allows you to reset and blast to 8,000 rpm all over again.


The R8 in question only has 7,000 miles on the odometer, making it minty fresh and both its body and interior reflect that. It looks pristine, likely because it is. However, that actually makes us a little bit sad. Cars like this one are meant to be driven hard and driven often. They’re not meant to sit in garages. Audi didn’t engineer the hell out of that V10 to let it sit quiet, in the dark. It was made to rev, made to scream, and made to put a smile on its driver’s face. Let’s hope the next owner puts far more miles on it.


[Source: Bring-a-Trailer]
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